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The high-speed growth of CN domain name

■ CN domain rapid growth


report shows that China's network infrastructure resources of a major breakthrough, the number of domain names registered in the national domain name CN rapid growth, reaching 622,000, half of 190,000 new growth rate of 44.1%.

information services unit of

CNNIC Vice Director Wang Enhai of said CN domain name registration of high-speed growth, mainly due to national macroeconomic environment to create a rapid and healthy development of CN domain domain management policy adjustment; Meanwhile, with the the rise of the Chinese economy and the deepening of China's Internet applications, CN domain name as a sign of the Chinese Internet, is to get the attention of an increasing number of domestic and foreign enterprises. Course, CN domain name registration fees in recent years, continued sharp decline, and also directly contributing to the rapid rise of the registered amountGrid tie inverter.

the broadband user

■ first ultra-dial-up users

survey shows the rapid growth in the number of broadband access to the Internet in China, for the first time more than half of the Internet users reached 53 million people, a growth rate of 23.8%, and this is the first broadband users than dial-up users number. At the same timepower inverter, the number of dial-up Internet fell for the first time.

Wang Enhai said, this has turned many dial-up users to broadband Internet access, broadband in China are developing fast, and at the same time also to some extent reflect the level of development of China's Internet applications, the Internet in China in the application has made considerable progress.

The online shopping

■ matures

hotspot data according to the report analyzed the army of online shopping in China reached 20 million people, and online payment ratio increased to nearly half of the huge market of online shopping, shopping online shoppers who accumulated six months amounted to 100 billion , within six months to purchase the phone through a network of more than three million.

Wang Enhai, online shopping in China is becoming more mature, especially past users not optimistic about the growth of the proportion of online payment, online shopping has been gradually accepted by netizens. Industry experts said that the 100 million Internet users behind a huge market, Internet business applications, to grasp the needs of Internet users are likely to generate considerable economic benefits. [Zhang Ying]

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