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Can be satisfied with the indoor

the electric Sheng Randa Corporation has introduced a new series of low-cost, low noise, small shape and size of a single 600-watt output switch - it can be satisfied with the common indoor with outdoor use request contains the LED display / instigation card, kiosk , the initiative test equipment (ATE) and factory automation. SWS600L series supply the six different output voltage choice, contains 33V, 5V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V and 60VDC. Non-system voltage of b26c6197fc356bd65d72f4f61f66, this type of power source may supply broad circumference of the output voltage regulation, adjustable areas of up to + / -20%. For most models, you can be a 1 ~ 6V voltage input from external to remotely adjust the power output, adjust the scale is very wide of its deformity output voltage from 20% to 120%. For example, a 36V output power can remotely adjust to as low as 72V with high-432V. This feature enables SWS600L series can be used as a low-cost programmable power supply, for the use of test and measurement,Grid tie inverter.

SWS600L Series 24V output type, the peak output power up to 744 watts. The standard features include automatic power factor Proofing senior level input transient cover of the remote switch operation, a 12V/01A help the power output, the fan entry into force of the police, the green LED indicator for power, and a DC output deformity signal.

Series work

SWS600L temperature scope -20 ~ +74 ° C, it has a low temperature start to (100% load start temperature -40 ° C),, may work in extremely temperature of the system, such as outdoor ways traffic signal, it is a solid trade-offs. At the same time, because of the built-in temperature dominated fan, greatly decreased noise to make SWS600L equally suitable for indoor use, for example, laboratory equipment, vending machines,power inverter, self-service kiosks and animated billboards powered.

can be loaded easily because of the small size of this power series, and a height of only 24 inches, the length is only 748 inches, the a 2U standard chassis. In addition, the power of the front and rear portions of the venting port auxiliary implement zero stacking order (zero Stacking Capability) may allow up to five power to be stacked, without requiring that the gap between. Power automatically flow effect in a large load application and (or) in the redundant use of unique application of multiple power each power balanced sharing when the set out.

The series allow

SWS600L from 85V to 265VAC universal input. The input transient maintenance satisfaction IEC61000-4 requirements, to impact test contentment MIL-STD-810F 5165 program I VI requests, the satisfaction of the vibration test MIL-STD-810F 5145 kind, 10 requirements. This series power CE mark, in line with the scale of the Class B EMI, UL, CSA, EN60950-1, IEC61010-1 and EN50178 insurance certification.

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