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  1200w grid tie inverter 28/220V 's Profile
1200w grid tie inverter 28/220V
2013 Newest 1200W GRID TIE POWER INVERTER DC 28-52V TO AC 220-240V

Item Code:   PSWGT1200-28-52-220
Retail Price:   500.00 USD
Sale Price:   399.99 USD
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230V Grid tie power inverter
Weight:   5kg

1200w grid tie inverter 28/220V

This cost for sent from Germany Warehouse to European Union Country , will no import tax happened !

If you are United States , ,Australia ,then the cost is USD339.99 , please contact me ( ) ask for changing the price .

Other countries need contact for shipping cost ,thanks!

1. power jack grid tie inverter is designed for small solar panel & wind energy market, it's suitable for family enengy system.

2. this inverter can directly use solar panel, wind charger through inverter to home grid.

3. easy to installation, just need solar panel, grid tie inverter, then directly can put into home grid

Sometimes, if you are using a heavy inductive load appliance like a motor, or fluorescent light, this can cause the line voltage to rise and fall very quickly. At that instant, high surge currents can flow into the grid tie inverter and can damage the ac mosfets. The built in surge protector will clamp the excessive voltages by itself to protect the grid inverter.


If you have had the unpleasant experience of a lightning strike, you may have experienced home appliance damage. Lightning can cause spikes of thousands of volts to appear on your home wiring and can also damage the inverter. The built in lightning protection helps protect the inverter in many cases, clamping high voltages. Even power companies and the military get lightning damage so we can improve your odds but no one can produce totally lightning proof electrical equipment. At least we are honest about it.J
We now provide access to the ac fuse from the outside of the inverter. Each inverter will come our special ac fuse. This will protect the inverter in less than a millisecond to help prevent high voltage
spikes from feeding back into the circuitry!


Power Jack

Item No.


Continuous Output Power


Output Wave Form


DC Input Voltage

DC 28 Volt – 52Volt

AC Output Voltage

AC 220-240v


50 or 60hz



No Load current Draw




Temperature Protection

55C ± 5

Dimensions (L x W x H /cm) & Weight

36*22*8CM & 5kg


1 year

What is the different between the  2013  5.0 version and the old version ?

1.1) We separated the positions of  the Red and Black dc input terminals. This provides for easier connection and makes an accidental short circuit much less likely.

2) There are 2 ball type fans for greater air flow. The CPU lifetime is   extended by 5 times the old version's.

.The PCB board The old version uses SMT parts. These are easily dislodged by impacts or thermal expansion.

3. The 2013 5.0 version  has 2 groups of  Capacitors, a total of 12 pcs. The low impedance filter is more efficient, running 27F / 15C  degrees cooler than old version.

4. The old version used a current and voltage control IC that had instabilities. The 2013 5.0 New version uses a new microchip from the USA. It is very stable and the reaction speed is 10 times faster, 100 times more precise, just like a Rolex J.

5.  Double protection circuit for AC when there is over voltage , an island reaction, or a voltage spike. This will protect the inverter quickly if there is an instability in line power.

6. In the old version when you turned off the switch, vestigial current and voltage in the dc side could damage the ac mosfets.In the  2013 5.0 new version, when you turn off the switch,, it will turn off both the ac and dc sides and  cut off the IC signal . This prevents any damage to the mosfets .

7: When input power is 600w, the efficiency can reach 90% so the fan does not need to run as much. The high efficiency keeps the insides cool and can utilize a greater percentage of your solar power.  When input power reach 1200w , the efficiency will stay at or above  87.5%

8. The 2013 5.0 new version has only 1 bi-colored light:

low voltage : the red light flashes and the inverter will not function.

high voltage : the green light always on and the inverter will not function.

normal situation: The green light flashes and the faster the flashing, the greater the wattage the inverter is producing.

In  this design it is very easy to tell what the problem is if the inverter is not working.,

It is very easy to tell if the problem is from your solar panels  or the inverter


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